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We Offer the Strongest, Most Effective Gutter Protection Solution on the Market
June 16th, 2019 7:55 pm

Gutter Filter Is Not a Product That Needs to Be Replaced, It's a Lifetime Product Guaranteed!

Lifetime Transferable No-Clog Guarantee That Is Backed by a Money Back Guarantee as Well!

DunRite Exteriors

Why Gutter Filter?

Clogged gutters negate their benefits. Depending on the geographic region, they can fill with leaves, pine needles, oak tassels, asphalt and other shingle debris, and nests that harbor infestation. They can trap stagnant water in the debris and become a breeding area for mosquitoes. Dried debris, particularly pine needles, create a potential fire hazard during drought conditions in areas prone to forest fires.

In areas subject to winter conditions, clogged gutters cause dangerous icicles and water damming, forcing melting water to back under shingles and leak into the interior. Water in foundations...

Keep Your Roof in Tip-Top-Shape with Regular Roof Inspections!
June 15th, 2019 8:58 pm

This Roof Inspection Checklist Will Help Get You off on the Right Foot!

When You're Ready For Your Inspection, Give DunRite Exteriors a Call Today

DunRite Exteriors

Why Do I Need a Roof Inspection?

It's recommend that homeowners have their roof inspected on a regular basis. It’s like going to the doctor for an annual check-up. You may catch potential problems early and potentially prevent them from becoming more serious.

While we recognize that repairing your roof is never convenient; it pales in comparison to the cost and inconvenience of ignoring the impact of what your roof has endured over the years.

The Older Your Roof, the More Vulnerable It Becomes

Even if your roof and its shingles appear to look fine, a careful inspection may reveal less obvious damage, so don’t le...

Are You Looking to Replace Your Homes Siding? Look No Further!
June 14th, 2019 9:06 pm

We Proudly Install a Variety of Alside Siding!

AND, Now Through the End of June, We're Offering $199.00 Payments per Month!

DunRite Exteriors

We Install a Variety of Alside Siding

There's a reason why vinyl siding is the most popular exterior cladding. Mixing handcrafted beauty with modern technology, vinyl siding wins popular favor with its appeal, durability, easy upkeep and excellent value. It's also friendlier to the environment than many other siding products, making it a great choice today and for generations to come.

Whether you expect the highest level of quality and performance or you're looking for value without compromise, one of these Alside siding system will meet your lifestyle and budget.

    Charter Oak

    The Siding that Changed the Industry

    Looking f...

Do You Know What's Under Your Roofing Shingles?
June 12th, 2019 9:06 pm

Underlayment Is Critical to a Complete Roofing System

Are You in the Market for a New Roof? Give Us a Call Today - (800) 422-7483!

DunRite Exteriors

The Importance of Underlayment

It takes more than shingles to create a high-performance roof. It requires a system of materials and products working together. This report explains why underlayment is critical for maximizing the performance and beauty of your roof.

Reviewing This Bulletin Will Help You:

  • Understand the importance of underlayment in your roofing system
  • Understand the variety of roofing underlayments available to you

What's Under Your Shingles?

A common mistake in the installation of asphalt shingles is the practice of not using underlayment. This is a big mistake for se...

How Can You Ensure That Your New Roof Is Protected to the Fullest?
June 11th, 2019 8:23 pm

With the Dunrite Exterior Warranty & Option to Upgrade!

If You're Ready to Get Started on the Installation of Your New Roof, Give Us a Call Today

DunRite Exteriors

Our Standard Warranty

DunRite Exteriors warrants that all labor will be free from defects for Ten Years following completion of our work under this contract. During this Warranty Period, DunRite Exteriors will furnish labor and material necessary to repair any defects in labor at no cost to you. All Materials installed will be covered by the standard Manufacturer Warranty.

Warranty Upgrade Options

As a Master Elite Contractor DunRite Exteriors is able to offer its customers Enhanced Warranty Protection including GAF’s Golden Pledge Best System Warranty. Only 2% of Roofing Contractors nationally are...