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What Type of Roofing Shingle Are Just Right for Your Home?
September 20th, 2021 1:36 pm

With so Many Options Available, Make Sure You're Choosing the Best for Your Home!

GAF Roofing Shingles: Beauty, Durability, Affordability, Color and Energy Efficiency

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Beauty, Durability, Affordability, Color and Energy Efficiency

As a homeowner, you want the very best for your home. If you need a roof repair or roof replacement, your search can start and end with us - DunRite Exteriors. We are one of the largest roofing contractors serving the Cleveland, Akron, and Canton areas which means that you can rest assured knowing that we are a smart choice. With more than twenty years of roof installation experience, our qualified team members promise to get the job "Done Right!"

Furthermore, when you choose us, you can protect where you live, work, and play with a variety of products from North America's largest roofing manufa...

We Make It a Top Priority to Help Our Customers “Steer Clear of the Bull”
September 19th, 2021 1:21 pm

Here at DunRite Exteriors, We Operate a Moral and Ethical Business!

Additionally, We Provide the Best Products and Service at Fair Prices

DunRite Exteriors

Our Values:

Our “MISSION” is to help our Customers


At DunRite Exteriors, we are proudly owned and operated by Third-Generation Clevelanders. Our family has been in the Roofing and Home Improvement business in Northeast Ohio since 1986!

Our Business Philosophy

We will succeed in the Roofing and Home Improvement Industry by operating a moral and ethical business that provides the best products and service to our customers at FAIR prices. We will go out of our way to satisfy our customer’s reasonable concerns, and we will avoid the common practices of our Industry that we believe to be unethical.

With a Little Homework and Planning, Finding the Perfect Contractor Can Be Easy!
September 18th, 2021 12:20 pm

Find a Contractor, Set a Budget, Set a Schedule for the Repairs and More!

Don't Get Discouraged! Here's How to Find the Right Contractor for the Right Job

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Here Is a General Blueprint for Your Roof Repairs and Renovation Project

Roof repairs are both inevitable and inconvenient. When you start noticing signs of roof deterioration like leaks, dried up caulking, watermarks, mold buildup, and if your roof is over 15 years old, you need to consider a roof repair. Most people don’t know what to do when planning for roof repairs the reason being most have never done it before.

Here’s a big tip: You don’t want to wait until your roof leaks for repairs. You should on the lookout before or you could otherwise face massive interior home repairs from mold and water damage.

Here is a general blueprint fo...

Did You Know That a Properly Installed Roof Is Crucial to Maintaining a House's Integrity?
September 17th, 2021 2:25 pm

This Inspection Checklist Will Help You Properly Appraise the Quality of Your Roof

If You Need a Roof Repair or Roof Replacement, Give Us a Call Today (800) 422-7483

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Residential Roofing

A properly installed, quality roof is crucial to maintaining a house's integrity. The roof must do more than just keep wind and rain out of the house. It must also help the house "breathe" by allowing moisture-laden air generated in the house or in the attic space to escape. If it doesn't, when the warm air collides with cold objects in the attic, it results in condensation. Condensation is water, and water dripping inside a house can generate a host of other related problems such as rot and structural weaknesses.

For these reasons, homeowners sooner or later ask themselves, "Do I need a new roof?" or "How much...

When Assessing Your Storm Damage Situation, You Should Take Your Time and Look Closely
September 15th, 2021 1:56 pm

One of the First Things Homeowners Should Do After a Storm Is Check for Damage

For All Of Your Roof Repairs or Roof Replacements, Give Us a Call at (800) 422-7483!

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Let's Review Some of the Most Common Types of Storm Damage

One of the first things any homeowner should do after a storm is check for roof damage. Even if you have no visible water inside your home, roof damage is still a possibility.

While it might be tempting to climb up on the roof, we recommend homeowners avoid this whenever possible. Always try to assess roof damage from ground level if you can. Try using a pair of binoculars to see more clearly before making the decision to use a ladder.

On its own, rain is not usually enough to damage a structurally sound roof. Add wind, flying debris, and...