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If You're a Hard Worker Who Wants to Earn Top Wages, Join Our Installation Team!
April 12th, 2021 2:01 pm

We Are Looking For Individuals Who With Installation Experience!

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We're Hiring Roof & Gutter Installers Now!

DunRite Exteriors is an Industry Leader in the Roofing and Gutter industry for nearly 30 years, we are the exclusive provider of the K-Guard Leaf Free Gutter System and Gutter Filter.

We are looking for Roof and Gutter Installers who are eager to earn a great living. These people must like to meet new people and helping them while working outside daily.

There are immediate openings for experienced and inexperienced individuals in the Door to Door lead generation field. We will provide paid training to set all Field Marketers up for success.

Base hourly rate based upon experience with bonuses will allow for an uncapped potential wit...

Tips for Choosing the Roof Style and Color That Will Suit Your Home for Years to Come
April 11th, 2021 12:12 pm

Don't Settle for Just Any Roof, Take Your Time & Pick the Perfect Roof!

The Three "C's" for Choosing a Timeless Roof Style For Your Home

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What Factors Need to Be Considered When Replacing a Roof?

Imagine committing to a specific haircut for the next 20 to 30 years. Or a particular model of car. Or limiting yourself to eating at one restaurant. Would you ever agree to that? Of course not.

Yet that's similar to what happens when a homeowner buys a new roof. They pick one color and one style - one "flavor" of a roof - that will influence the appearance of their home for many years. Of course, that's a small price to pay for the protection of a great roof. A well-installed, high-quality roofing system is simply too durable - and too expensive - to replace just because you want to try somethi...

Hiring a Contractor Made Easy With These Seven Simple Steps!
April 10th, 2021 12:29 pm

Hiring the Right Contractor Will Turn Your Renovation Project into a Dream

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Don't Get Discouraged! Here's How to Find the Right Contractor for the Right Job

Hiring the right contractor will turn your renovation project into a dream but hiring the wrong contractor will turn that dream into a never-ending nightmare. For a lot of people, the idea of searching for a contractor can cause unwanted stress and can even make them want to give up entirely. Some people will even end up hiring the first name they find. But with a little homework and planning, finding the perfect contractor can be an easy process!

    Step 1: Be Confident

    Treat this as if you were hiring an employee -- you€..

What Can You Expect Before, During and After Your Roof Installation?
April 9th, 2021 12:43 pm

Be Prepared for All That Is to Come with Your Next Roof Installation

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What to Expect When Getting a New Roof

Getting a new roof installed on your house is a great way to update your home and potentially improve curb appeal. Owens Corning Roofing has put together a simple outline of what you can expect in the days leading up to, during and after your roof installation.

    A Few Days or a Week Leading up to Installation Day

    • A dumpster might be delivered to your home one to two days before the installation starts.
    • A secondary dumpster might be delivered if your contractor is recycli...
When Preparing For Your Next Roof Repair, Utilize These Seven Tips!
April 7th, 2021 3:21 pm

Most People Don't Know What to Do When Planning for Roof Repairs, We Can Help!

This General Blueprint Will Help You Prepare for Your Roof Repairs and Renovations

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Must Know Tips When Preparing for Your Next Roof Repair

Roof repairs are both inevitable and inconvenient. When you start noticing signs of roof deterioration like leaks, dried up caulking, watermarks, mold buildup, and if your roof is over 15 years old, you need to consider a roof repair. Most people don’t know what to do when planning for roof repairs the reason being most have never done it before.

Here’s a big tip: You don’t want to wait until your roof leaks for repairs. You should on the lookout before or you could otherwise face massive interior home repairs from mold and water damage.

Here is...