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Practice Proper Ladder Safety with These Tips
August 15th, 2017 8:23 pm     A+ | a-

Cleaning gutters is never a fun job. It is time consuming and potentially hazardous, and paying someone to clean your gutters is an unnecessary expense. However, clean gutters are an important aspect of home maintenance. Clogged gutters can lead to water damage to the roof and the foundation of the home. If you have a traditional uncovered gutter system, we recommend that you clean the gutters a few times per year to ensure that clogs do not cause expensive damage. When cleaning gutters, or using a ladder for any reason, be sure to follow proper ladder safety. Below are some guidelines and tips for ladder safety from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration:
  • Read and follow all labels and markings on the ladder: It is important to be aware of any safety warnings and instructions that come with the ladder.
  • Avoid electrical hazards: Look for overhead power lines before setting up the ladder. Avoid using a metal ladder near power lines.
  • Inspect the ladder prior to use: A quick inspection can prevent potential injury.
  • Maintain 3-point contact on the ladder when climbing: Always have two hands and one foot, or two feet and one hand on the ladder while climbing.
  • Do not place the ladder on boxes, barrels, or other unstable bases in order to gain additional height.
  • An extension or straight ladder used to access an elevated surface must extend at least 3 feet past the point of support.
  • The proper angle for setup is to place the base ¼ of the working length of the ladder from the wall.
This information was found on osha.gov
Stop cleaning gutters altogether
The best way to prevent potential injury is to stay off the ladder altogether. DunRite Exteriors is the exclusive Northeast Ohio provider of the K Guard Leaf Free Gutter System. With K Guard you will never have to get on a ladder to clean your gutters again. K Guard is a maintenance free, clog free gutter system. K Guard’s reverse curve design prevents leaves from entering the gutter while allowing water to flow through. With the Lifetime No Clog Warranty, your gutters are guaranteed not to clog, or we will clean them for free for as long as you own your home. Call DunRite today to set up an appointment for a free, no obligation estimate.   

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